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RESP Plans: Why it is Crucial for Your Child’s Future

You may have already heard about RESP plans but you’re not sure how these work. First of all, a Registered Education Savings Plan is a prominent program under the government that will help you save wisely for the post-secondary education of your child. The best thing about this plan is, the federal government can help you by adding education grants so your savings can grow.

You don’t have to worry about staggering taxable amounts since most educational grants are taxed at lower rates when the student is ready to withdraw the investment income.

Aside from the federal government, other provincial offices can offer various tax incentive programs that will not interfere with your RESP contributions.

Remember that the sooner you put your child’s name as an RESP beneficiary, the more time you have to save up so your child can have a good higher education.

A very good education is very essential in today’s age and time. The rise of education and living costs can hamper your plans for a solid education for your child. With the help of an RESP, you now have the chance to help rear your child’s dreams.

Many people are unable to send their children to quality schools due to the rising cost of education. This is exactly the reason why an RESP came into fruition. The main purpose is to help parents save enough funds so their children can get the education they need without getting stressed over rising tuition fees and other education-related expenses.

If you’re worried that your savings might not be enough for your child’s future, now is the time to register him or her for an RESP. Consult with a reputable RESP provider that will assist you along the way and will constantly remind you of just how important the plan is for your child’s future.

An RESP provider will first help you choose which RESP will suit your child’s needs best. Once you’ve made a decision, you will be given professional and relevant advice on how you can make the money grow.

When you’re child is ready to use the RESP, your provider will handle all of the payment processes so everything will be done accordingly and as stated on your plan of choice. If ever your child decides to stop studying after high school, any remaining amount on the plan will be returned to you and you will also be briefed on how much the remaining contributions have generated over the years. Money from the government and any other provincial offices will be returned to the respective offices.

Before signing up with an RESP provider, be sure to obtain necessary information about their service including fees, requirements, penalties, and contribution limits if there are any so you won’t be surprised with charges that you may incur in the long run.

Register with an RESP provider today and see your investments grow into a bright future for your child.